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Monday, April 9, 2012

Kongsikan Cerita Sedih Anda Bersama Uncha

It is time to share my sad story with you. It is the entry about sharing you sad story. A few years back I had ectopic pregnancy, it is very sad as I don't know that I have ectopic until I visit the private hospital. I had blood tests at least three times at the private clinic but they unable to see the sac there. They kept asking me for blood test and I got fed up with it, I had cramps and brown spots during pregnancy. I was eight weeks pregnant when doctor at private hospital found out that I had ectopic pregnancy, he says no need wait need to have surgery the night. I waited at night at the ward at hospital the doctor says if there is no much pain the surgery can wait til next day.

I had surgery next morning because if surgery at night it would be costly according to the doctor. The doctor not only remove the sac, he also remove the right fallopian tube because it was bleeding. I don't know the right fallopian tube remove until he told me, he says if not remove then I need second surgery. The ectopic pregnancy changed my life.

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  1. be patient..I sympathize with you..hope you courage to face it ok .. thank you willing to join


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