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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Collect highest points to win Cash and iPod Nano

This is another contest that I like to take part as I find it challenging to win $500 and an iPod Nano! This is best contest ever as you can win lots of money at Roseate Marketing Tips , Roseate's blog is where you can find tips on making money online. I say this contest challenging because you can find many participants want to win.

New Ipod Nano - Nine Amazing Colours

This contest is based of points, so whoever get the highest points will be the winner to get away with the Cash and iPod Nano!

How to take collect points?

-Post this contest at your blog and link to it, don't forget to link to home page (5 points)

-Post any other post in Roseate Marketing Tips and link to it (5 points)

-Stumble, digg, reddit, technorati, etc... ie:bookmark this post at any social book mark site (3 points)

-Book mark any other post at any social book mark site (3 points)

-Add Roseate Marketing Tips to your blogroll (4 points)

-Comment at any Roseate posts (not spam) (3 points)

Contest ends soon, so hurry up click the link to find out more!

Get paid $20 to host your blog using HostGator

This is my first time to know that if you host your blog using HostGator you will get paid $20. No kidding, this is for real that you can get paid $20 to host your blog using HostGator. This is only Roseate's blog where you can find tips on make money online, be sure to check out Roseate Marketing Tips.

Get A Great Web Hosting with HostGator, that you may already have been thinking of, and Get Paid $20 for that!

Yes, I will pay you ==> $20 if you use my link to get your host with HostGator.

If you aren’t already a customer of Hostgator and are interested in one of there hosting, reseller, or dedicated server accounts, signup under my affiliate ID in this post, and I will send you $20 to your paypal after you’ve been a member for 2 months (You get first 2 months free basically unless you have a cheaper plan than it’s 3 - 4 months free).

Note: You SHOULD clear your cookies and cache BEFORE BUYING through my link. You should be my referral in order for me to pay you ;)

You can get basic accounts for ~$5 and unlimited hosting for under ~$7.95. I’d recommend going unlimited for the additional $2 if you already have a blog and plan on getting more domains. You could even rent or give some space to friends and family.

After signing up through my link bellow, comment here saying so, and I’ll note that to pay you your $20 price.

I have no idea when this offer going to end, if you are interested be sure to click on the link above now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Give me a name@SweetDarling79

This is a nice contest to take part if you are in Malaysia, you will like to take this chance to win t-shirt named by you! Give me a name@SweetDarling79 is where you need to give a name for this blog owner.

Kedai Baju is where you can see many design and pattern of t-shirts.

JarumSD. This name will be my choice as this blog owner will need the needle for her work, this blog name is Sweet Darling in short will be SD.

One winner will get the chance to win a RM$25 T-shirt with the creative and unique name of the store name by the Winner.

Contest has started and ends on 8 May, 2009.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Piggy Paint Giveaway

I love giveaway and you will like to take part in this Piggy Paint Giveaway, if you like to see more just check out Piggy Paint carries non-toxic piggy paint nail polish. I don't know about you but I do not like the paint with awful smell and if you feel the same you will like this. It is non-toxic, odorless!

One winner will
win a $20 gift certificate to spend on Piggy Paint.

Winner will be select on 27 April, 2009.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Win Big- Web Cam and TV Remote@BloggerStop

There are contest going on blogsphere like Win Big- Web Cam and TV Remote@Blogger Stop. BloggerStop is giving you chance to win the prizes include a cool robot dog shaped web cam, a universal TV remote and one black leather cover for your mobile phone. I bet you like them!

First Prize:

Robot Dog Shaped Web Cam

Second Prize:

Universal TeleVision remote

Two winners will be selected by Random (Random.Org)

The more you participate the more will be the chances to win.

Earn Your Entries Now!

Visit and simply name the product you liked the most in any of the categories as a comment here. [3 entries]

More ways to gain entries:
1. Write about this contest at your blog and link to this blog ( and the sponsors - BudgetGadgets ( (do not use rel="nofollow" tags while linking) [10 entries]
You'll get more entries {10 X no. of posts} for posting about the contest in different blogs
2. Review the website - in your blog. [5 entries]
NOTE: Multiple entries are allowed.
3. Write about this contest in any of the online-forums. [5 entries]
NOTE 1: The posting should be in the correct category in the forum, and should not be deleted before the contest ends.
NOTE 2: If any of the participant mentions your name as the referrer, then you'll get 5 additional entries while the new participant gets 3 additional entries.
4. Subscribe to this blog: [3 entries]

Enter your email address

5. Add these banners to your blog.
check the contest post for more info about banner and code.

6. Add BloggerStop.Net to your Technorati Faves [2 entries]
7. Add this post [2 entries]
8. Follow this blog, using Google Friend Connect (Widget at bottom of the page) [3 entries]
9. Follow @BloggerStop and @BudgetGadgets at Twitter [3 + 3 entries]
10. ReTweet about the contest. [2 entries]
Retwt dis msg:
Win a Robot-Dog Web Cam, TV Remote, Black Leather Mobile Cover at http://BloggerStop.Net ( RT @BloggerStop

NOTE: Multiple retweets are allowed, but limited to 5 tweets per day (and only 1 tweet per hour). Send the links of all tweets to me (as a comment here) at the end of the contest, to add them to your entries.

First Special Prize:

And the third prize (cell phone leather cover), is for the one who earns maximum entries during the contest period (although luck doesn't play any role here, but just in case two people score the maximum number of entries, then there will be a lucky draw between the two).
TIP: If you are competing for this prize, then check on the last day if you are still the one with maximum entries.

Second Special Prize:

If the last commenter is a member of Entrecard, then s/he will win 2,500 credits from Bikes.BloggerStop.Net
NOTE: You can make multiple comments, to be the last commenter, but make sure you are eligible for competing.

Contest Ends On 8th May, 2009 [11:59 P.M.] [GMT]
And the winner will be announced on 10th May

Comment in this Format:
Fav. Product: [category]

Blog Post: Link1, Link2 etc.
Review: Link1, Link2, etc.
Forum posts:
email used to subscribe:
banner(s) at:
Technorati profile: profile:
Google friend connect profile:
Twitter updates:

Total Entries:
NOTE 1: All entries will be finalised by me.
NOTE 2: In case of multiple entries, use the same username/profile while commenting and mention only the additional tasks completed by you.

NOTE 3: The contest to is open for everybody, moreover shipping of the prizes will be done for free!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Head Turner's First Contest

If you have a blog, twitter account, plurk account you should take part in this contest. Head Turner's First Contest is giving you chance to win great Prizes.

Requirements to Join:

  • Post a Blog Entry about this Contest.
    -Let me know how determine you are to win.
  • Follow Head Turner at Twitter.
  • Follow Miss Angel at Plurk.
  • Comment on this entry with “i support Head Turner’s first official Contest”.
  • To Gain Points:

  • Blog about this Contest [5points per entry].
  • Comment on the entries on this blog (date before April 12 does not count) [4points].
  • Grab this Badge and post it in your sidebar [4points].
  • Grab this Stamp and post it in your sidebar [3points].
  • Grab this FanSig and post it in your sidebar [2points].
  • Refer friends by having them leave a comment and stating they were referred here by you. Ask them to add either your email or blog url [2points].
  • Instruction:
    Once requirements are completed please do send me an email of your URL and if you have completed extra points send me the url as well. i check my email everyday. This is how i can keep track of your points. I will personally visit your site to verify the entries and extra points made.

    First Prize:

  • 1 year paid Domain Name [.com, .net, .org]
  • 1 year paid Hosting Package
  • 60 GB Webspace
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    60 Add-On Domain
    100-FTP | 100-Mail | 100-Subdomain [updated]
    much MORE Add-ons!

  • 1 Month Advertisement here at Head Turner
  • Second Prize:

  • 1 year paid Domain Name [.info]
  • 8 months paid Hosting Package
  • 60 GB Webspace
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    60 Add-On Domain
    100-FTP | 100-Mail | 100-Subdomain [updated]
    much MORE Add-ons!

  • 1 Month Advertisement here at Head Turner
  • Third Prize:

  • 1 year paid Domain Name [.info]
  • Hosting under Head Turner
  • 1 GB Webspace
    FTP | Mail | 2-Subdomain
    No Cpanel

  • 1 Month Advertisement here at Head Turner
  • Tallying Points:

    Every 1-1/2 week i will personally post an update on the points collected of each contest participant. I will provide all necessary details and information needed to show the Highest Scorer.

    Contest Time-Frame:
    Officially Opened: April 12, 2009
    End of Contest: May 12, 2009
    Announcement of Winner: May 15-18, 2009

    Goodluck to Everyone!

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Earning fast and happy

    I joined this not long ago and I see that the earning is faster. Maybe you can give it at try.

    Adgitize your web site.

    Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    Vote for the BEST!

    This your chance to get to know me. I am lucky no.7, so go ahead read my story and give your vote to the best story you love.

    7. Another Contest

    The Readers Poll

    The Readers Poll

    They are many contestants on the list, you can go check them out. Just don't forget to cast your vote. Every vote counts!

    Sunday, April 5, 2009

    Lee Sinje

    Lee Sinje is Malaysia actress and I first got to know her from the horror movie. She is also embassador of SK II facial treatment essence.

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009

    Are you Winners of Demonoid Invitation Codes Contest #2

    Oh I just got an email that I taken part in this contest and I won! You can check out the winners here. I am happy to see that I have won

    • "2Flyer Screensaver Builder Pro" software from Anwar Blog worth $39.95
    • "Kaspersky Internet Security 2009" keys for 1 Year
    • Text link advertising in All Blog Contest for 1 Month
    • 125x125 Pixel banner add advertising in Free Giveaway Contest for 1 Month

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