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Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Birthday Wish


What do you want to have for your birthday and why? My Birthday is on month of November, I am turning 31 this year.
  1. Able to have steady income with things I love to do because I am full time blogger and that's what I do to help my dear and family.
  2. A new car for me because the car I have currently the service and maintenance are expensive as it is hard to find the spare part and they are expensive. The value of the car I own dropped so badly.
  3. Able to maintain and renew the blog domain and hosting because I lose two blogs not long ago one is another is One is the blogger go missing and I only able to blog for pinkyposh for a month. I lose it because the blogger not transfer the domain to me and it cannot be renew anymore. I used the blog for sponsored contests too.
  4. Healthy life and happiness to my family, I know my parents not so happy because one of my sisters being nun now.
  5. Steady job and income for my dear because he is only employee in company and working 24/7 I hope his employers understand him and hires him an assistance at work to help him. Career is first priority to him if no career family cannot survive with my little online income.
  6. Go shogun restaurant to have buffet dinner because this is famous restaurant with Chinese, Korean, Western, and Thai food all you can eat. But the price for a person is USD$20 it is expensive so I hope we have the enough money to go for buffet together with loved one.

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